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Player Information:
Name: Erica
Journal: [ profile] bouncy_erbear
Method of Contact: [AIM] BouncyErbear [Email]
Previous characters: N/A

Character Information:
Full Name: Kaldur'ahm "Kaldur"
Series: Young Justice
Canon point: Between "Bereft" and whatever the next episode will be. Since YJ has been on hiatus for awhile now.
Age: 16
Species: Atlantean
Appearance/PB: Guy on the left.
Appearance upon arrival: His usual outfit of red-orange top, navy-blue pants (w/ fins on them)...and no shoes. But, like I said, usual outfit.

Previous RP memories: This is his first game so no previous memories here.
Bringing someone along?: No one.
Character History: Aqualad General History Link and Episode Guide

Kaldur is the leader of the new team and this is by no accident. He has a natural ability to take command and knows how to issue said commands as well. The others take note of this trait and this is why he is elected leader of the team, first nominated by Robin. While he can find being the leader burdensome at times, he hardly complains about it aloud. Instead he completes the missions assigned to him while doing the best he can to look out for his teammates.

To his team, Kaldur is very much the big brother type. He will lend an ear when needed, but also tries to teach the other team members respect and how to be a stronger unit. He is a very responsible individual and is often the first to suggest they report something to Batman or the League, especially when he thinks the team is over their heads. He is also slow to anger which helps when dealing with the bickering and sometimes immaturity of the rest of his team (especially Robin and Wally). Despite his soft-spoken voice he has a strong presence and all of this helps him in his job as the leader.

Kaldur can be a typical teenager at times. He can be impulsive, as seen when he goes off with Robin and Kid Flash to investigate Project Cadmus. Despite his stoic appearance, Kaldur does know how relax and enjoy himself, but his responsibility always comes first. He has a good relationship with his teammates and puts a lot of his trust in them, even letting them know his real name as opposed to just calling him Aqualad. He can empathize with others to a certain degree which often puts him in the role of mediator. Kaldur is extremely respectful to everyone, whether they are older or younger than him. He always looks for insight from his fellow teammates but knows when a decision needs to be made that it comes down to him to make it.

Kaldur is a rather private person so while he has not expressly shared his hopes and dreams with his teammates (that is, aloud in canon) a few of them can be inferred from the interactions he has had. For starters, Kaldur hopes that he can live up to the burden of being leader for this new team of superheroes. Not only does he wish his team to do well and work together, but he also wants to impress his mentors, especially his King (aka Aquaman) and Batman (aka the hardest person to please...ever). Not only does he have high expectations for himself, but Kaldur has high hopes for his team as well. He knows they have the potential to do great things, and they have, but sometimes it can be troublesome getting there since all of them are still new at this.

Another dream of Kaldur's, but which might no longer be a dream, is to be with Tula. Tula was a fellow classmate of his as the conservatory along with Garth. The three of them learned the magical arts together, however when Kaldur took on the role of Aqualad he ceased his studies. This caused him to spend less time with Tula and, as such, Tula grew closer to Garth instead. Recently Kaldur considered returning to his home just to be with Tula again and to resume his studies, however instead he found out that Garth and Tula were now dating. Despite his usual demeanor, it is not too hard to believe that Kaldur still carries some feelings for Tula and might even still dream of her as the one for him. However, as Garth is his friend too, he would never think to try and come between Garth and Tula. So, for now, Kaldur has put his dream of love aside. Whether said dream will return in the future is anyone's guess, but his major goal right now is just to become a better superhero.

As far as minor hopes and dreams go, I imagine they include things like: continuing to please his King, Wally and Artemis to get along, and Robin to stop randomly vanishing during missions like a ninja. But those are minor and, obviously a little bit less serious.
Character Abilities: As an Atlantean, Kaldur has certain abilities that are natural to him. He can breath underwater thanks to the gills on the sides of his neck and can swim fast thanks to the webbed fingers and toes on his hands and feet. Living underwater also means he had a denser skin and is more durable than normal humans, allowing him to withstand high water pressure as well as heavy blows he might encounter in a fight. Kaldur is capable of a great deal of strength, much greater than that of any human. It has also been stated that his blood is like jelly-fish toxin and gives him a degree of immunity to most poisons.

Due to his studies at the Conservatory of Sorcery, Aqualad had other abilities as well. He has an eel pattern tattoo on his arms that glow and allow him to electrocute others with his hands or by channeling it through water currents. Aqualad also has the ability to manipulate water to his will and has shown himself capable of making a number of different things out of it to assist in a fight.

Possessions: Kaldur is arriving with both his water pack and water bearers. The water pack is basically what it sounds like: a black metalic backpack that stores water inside (although how much water is unknown). The water in the backpack is what he uses for his water bearers and he stores them in the backpack as well. The water bearers are the tools he uses to manipulate water and convert said water into any shape he chooses. Without the water they are just a pair of twin hilts.
Anything else: His tattoos glow whenever he uses the electricity or water manipulation abilities.

Action/Communication thread/post sample:
[After a few seconds of pondering, Kaldur finally decides he is ready to communicate. The seal responds and begins posting his voice as he speaks to it. It would seem as though he is speaking thoughtfully, not quite sure what the purpose of this post is just yet]

I have often heard of the possibility of other worlds outside of our dimension, but I had never thought I would be presented with the opportunity to visit such a place. While I am certainly curious about learning of the inhabitants and ways of this world, I must insist that it is of extreme important that I return to Earth. My team and I have only just recovered their memories from the last mission and it is of importance that we debrief Batman of the situation as soon as possible.

[There is a pause, he realizes that since he IS on a new world perhaps not everyone will be aware of who he is or what he is speaking of. He begins again]

I am Aqualad. If anyone can hear this message I would be grateful for answers or assistance that you might provide. I would also like to inquire as to whether or not the following might be present here as well: Robin, Kid Flash, Artemis, Miss Martian or Superboy. I realize that we might not have arrived at the same place but it is better to find out now rather than later. Of course, if any member of the Justice League is here their presence would also be welcomed as I imagine they might have more experience with such an occurrence as this.

[He falls silent again, perhaps thinking if there is anything else he should add.]

Again, I appreciate any help you may offer. If it is in my power to do so I will repay the favor in kind. Thank you for your time.

Log/Prose sample:
Despite having his memories restored, Batman had ordered he stay in the medical bay for another few hours just to be sure. Kaldur accepted this command but deep down wished he could just leave. He wanted to see his team and he wanted to work on his debriefing of the incident. Batman had at least left Kaldur with access to the holo-computers so he could work on writing a report. Kaldur stared at the glowing blue screen as he thought about how to start. It would be easier now that his memories were restored but since he had been unconscious for most of the events after the initial psychic attack there was not much he could write without his teammates. Sighing, Kaldur shut the holo-computer off and leaned back in his bed, "I hope the rest are recovering well."

An hour or so later Red Tornado walked into the medical bay. After looking over some data he turned his head to Kaldur, "You are free to leave."

Kaldur resisted the urge to jump straight out of the bed he had been placed in. Instead he got up slowly, the tiled floors beneath his feet were cool and much more pleasant than the hot, desert sand of the mission. "Thank you, Red Tornado. Please, can you tell me where I might find the others?"

Red Tornado held out Kaldur's Aqualad outfit, "I believe they are making lunch in the kitchen. Miss Martian decided it would do you some good."

'Ah,' thought Kaldur, 'that would explain why they were not here by his bedside for the last hour.' Well, it was either that or Batman had told them not to. Of course, he didn't see that really STOPPING Kid Flash or Robin. Kaldur bowed his head slightly to Red Tornado, "Thank you. I will join them shortly." Red Tornado returned the nod and then left the room so that Kaldur could get dressed.

After dressing, Kaldur headed for the kitchen, once again his thoughts going towards the mission. They would really need to be more careful in the future should such an attack happen again. Kaldur couldn't help but wonder if there was even really a way to prevent against a psychic attack like this. Perhaps he could ask his King or Batman. He was tempted to go to Atlantis and research the idea himself, but he knew his teammates were waiting to see how he was doing.

He found his way to the kitchen easily enough but even before he got there he could hear the cheerful sounds of his teammates chatting and goofing off together. It brought a smile to his face for although they had just gone through a difficult ordeal, they were able to bounce back. Kaldur knew that how they dealt with a mission after it's success or failure was just as important as how they handled it during the mission.

Kaldur stopped in the doorway just as everyone turned to him. He offered them a small smile and a wave, "Hello. I hope you have not started without me." He didn't even glance at Kid Flash but the speedster immediately protested.

"Hey! Don't look at me! I was hungry, okay?"

"Oh we're looking at you. You're the reason we had to start over again in the first place," Artemis quipped.

Shaking his head, Kaldur walked into the kitchen, "It is good to see that things have returned to normal."


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