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[OOC Information]
Name: Erica
Age: 23
AIM and/or Plurk / E-mail / LiveJournal: Same as Previous App
What characters do you play here already, if any? Terra
Where did you hear about Just A Game? Mods
Have you seen MST3K before? Yes

[IC Information]
Character Name: Kaldur'ahm
Series: Young Justice
Gender: Male
Age: 16

Species: Atlantean

Appearance: Kaldur has dark skin and light hair cut extremely short. The skin of his arms and back is covered in a eel-pattern tattoo that glows when his powers are used. He has blue eyes and generally has a serious look on his face. More distinguishing than all of that
however is the fact that he has gills on his neck and webbed hands and feet. When in uniform he goes barefoot and wears a bright orange-red top and tight blue pants reminiscent of scuba wear except for the fins on the back of his calves. On his belt is a stylized ‘A' reminisent of Aquaman's. He is also usually seen wearing a pack on his back that carries water, with two handles sticking out of the top, ready for use.

Kaldur is the leader of the new team and this is by no accident. He has a natural ability to take command and knows how to issue said commands as well. The others take note of this trait and this is why he is elected leader of the team, first nominated by Robin. While he can find being the leader burdensome at times, he hardly complains about it aloud. Instead he completes the missions assigned to him while doing the best he can to look out for his teammates.

To his team, Kaldur is very much the big brother type. He will lend an ear when needed, but also tries to teach the other team members respect and how to be a stronger unit. He is a very responsible individual and is often the first to suggest they report something to Batman or the League, especially when he thinks the team is over their heads. He is also slow to anger which helps when dealing with the bickering and sometimes immaturity of the rest of his team (especially Robin and Wally). Despite his soft-spoken voice he has a strong presence and all of this helps him in his job as the leader.

Kaldur can be a typical teenager at times. He can be impulsive, as seen when he goes off with Robin and Kid Flash to investigate Project Cadmus. Despite his stoic appearance, Kaldur does know how relax and enjoy himself, but his responsibility always comes first. He has a good relationship with his teammates and puts a lot of his trust in them, even letting them know his real name as opposed to just calling him Aqualad. He can empathize with others to a certain degree which often puts him in the role of mediator. Kaldur is extremely respectful to everyone, whether they are older or younger than him. He always looks for insight from his fellow teammates but knows when a decision needs to be made that it comes down to him to make it.

Kaldur is a rather private person so while he has not expressly shared his hopes and dreams with his teammates (that is, aloud in canon) a few of them can be inferred from the interactions he has had. For starters, Kaldur hopes that he can live up to the burden of being leader for this new team of superheroes. Not only does he wish his team to do well and work together, but he also wants to impress his mentors, especially his King (aka Aquaman) and Batman (aka the hardest person to please...ever). Not only does he have high expectations for himself, but Kaldur has high hopes for his team as well. He knows they have the potential to do great things, and they have, but sometimes it can be troublesome getting there since all of them are still new at this.

Another dream of Kaldur's, but which might no longer be a dream, is to be with Tula. Tula was a fellow classmate of his as the conservatory along with Garth. The three of them learned the magical arts together, however when Kaldur took on the role of Aqualad he ceased his studies. This caused him to spend less time with Tula and, as such, Tula grew closer to Garth instead. Recently Kaldur considered returning to his home just to be with Tula again and to resume his studies, however instead he found out that Garth and Tula were now dating. Despite his usual demeanor, it is not too hard to believe that Kaldur still carries some feelings for Tula and might even still dream of her as the one for him. However, as Garth is his friend too, he would never think to try and come between Garth and Tula. So, for now, Kaldur has put his dream of love aside. Whether said dream will return in the future is anyone's guess, but his major goal right now is just to become a better superhero.

History: Kaldur’ahm’s past is mostly unknown at this point. When he was young he joined the Conservatory to learn Atlantean magic with his friends Garth and Tula. Eventually Garth and Kaldur joined forces to help Aquaman take down the Ocean Master. After helping him Aquaman
offered them the chance to become his proteges, Garth declined but Kaldur accepted and became Aqualad. That was two years before the present day when the Young Justice team was created.

Of course, the team was only forged after an incident with a Cadmus facility that he, Robin, and Kid Flash investigated. It turned outthat Cadmus had several genetic experiments, including a clone of Superman. They rescued him and in the process destroyed the building. The League was rather furious with them but Aqualad convinced them to let them form their own team because they worked so well together.

After a few undercover missions, Aqualad was named team leader, although he told Robin that he was the one destined to do so. Since then the team has grown by one member, Artemis, who joined them a few months after the initial group was formed. They helped take down several bad guys along the way, after all, they are superheroes. Aqualad’s most recent mission left him without his memories and stranded in the desert. However, at missions end he was rescued and
his memories restored. Several days later, he was helping Roy with a solo mission of his own. At first it was just to provide intel, but when Roy requested his assistance (when he could have called someone else) Kaldur stepped up to help.

He parted ways with Roy that night having forged a stronger bond, but also wary of the future given that the villains had announced there was a mole on the Young Justice team. Kaldur was determined to find out without revealing he knew to the other teammates. Unfortunately, this quickly backfired when the team is attacked by Red Tornado and Kaldur's knowledge of the mole is revealed during a conversation with Batman over the possibility that R.T. was said mole. This did not go over well with the team and they turned on him for a bit, feeling as though he didn't trust them. Kaldur re-earned their trust during a mission, however, once he explained that he had been afraid of THIS VERY THING (ie the team fighting with themselves and being suspicious).

Once that was settled the team was much better about trusting each other (even if they didn't realize that there were secrets among them). Later on they were joined by Zatanna, the daughter of the League's magician Zatara, who had powers of her own. At first it was just a temporary thing with her helping the group take down Red Torando when they found him and his siblings. However, eventually, this spot became permanent when a nasty spell split the "adults" from the "children." Zatara took on the mantle of Doctor Fate (a position once occupied by both Wally and Kaldur who knew that the third time the helmt came into play it would be permanent). Zatara sacrificed his own free will to take on the helm, leaving Zatanna fatherless and the team took her in without question.

After several more challenging missions the one that would change everything was the revelation that Roy Harper was the mole and a sleeper agent working for the Light. The Light was behind nearly everything that Kaldur and his team had investigated and fought against and their plan all along seemed to be the infestation of the League to manipulate them to their whims. Roy was the key to that and, having just been recruited to the League, planted mind-control devices on them.

What the Light didn't realize was that the kids would be so united against them. After all, Artemis, Superboy, and Miss Martian had just come forward with their own secrets so they knew there had to be more to Roy's story than just "the mole." Kaldur personally confronted Roy about it, learning that he was a clone of the "real" Roy Harper and learned more about what the Light had done to the League. It was then time to lead a mission to rescue the League, taking on the world's most powerful heroes in the process. It was a difficult fight but, in the end, Kaldur and his team managed to do it and reclaim the watch tower.

The down side? Well, apparently a few members of the League had 16 hours missing from their time under the Light's control. As the Team rang in the New Year it was with the burden that they would have to find out what those missing hours WERE.

Extra notes: None that I can think of, but if the SoL is ever flooded he should be able to breathe underwater with those gills of his. Kaldur has also studied several languages.

Cambot post sample:
[Cambot has found a new person! He is about as strange as anyone else on the ship except this new person has GILLS. What a weirdo. However, he does not seem to be bothered by the fact and is quite capable of breathing regular air. He, however, does not appear to be very pleased with his surroundings. He studies the Cambot closely before sitting back and beginning to speak. Cambot seems to think this is a great time to play the whole serious-vibe up that this new person seems to be sporting and puts a heading under Kaldur's screen that says "Kaldur'ahm [Heroic Fish Person]" much like you would find on a news-broadcast.]

At first I was somewhat hopeful that I was being taken on to the League's space station, however I can now see that this is not the case. [Cambot pans out to show that this is, of course, NOT any sort of heroic space station but a less serious one] I have to say that a part of me is a little saddened that my first venture into space was not there, but to a foreign space station with strangers. However, I do not wish to offend those who have brought me aboard.

[He looks down, considering his next words carefully. Cambot pans back in] I would, however, like to inquire as to the nature of my abduction. As it has been explained to me we are being monitored and made to view movies of questionable merit for others entertainment. [Kaldur appears surprised at what he has just said and shakes his head, although whether it is in amusement or sadness is hard to determine] I apologize, but that sounds like something Kid Flash would find to be 'evil' and I fail to see the point of others being
brought across reality to do so.

[Kaldur sighs, he appears to have resigned himself to this] However, if that is what I must do to return home then I will attempt it as best I can.

Third-person log sample: Kaldur wasn't so sure about this any more. It was true that he and Kid Flash had never been in space before and that being here was a rare opportunity to explore space without the over-protective eye of their guardians, however he still felt as though there was a reason they were still supervised by Batman and the others. Kaldur stared out of one of the many windows on the deck, showing the vastness of space that surrounded the SoL. Kid Flash had found this deck relatively fast, almost as if he had been purposefully searching for it: the Launch Deck.

Kid Flash seemed surprised by his nervousness and had pointed it out to Kaldur that he had been living under water his whole life, it shouldn't be that different in space. Kaldur wished it was that simple but the fact was he HAD been underwater his whole life. Water, the ocean, it was home to him. Space, however, was so foreign and so far. It was not as though Atlanteans had a space program or any such thing. In fact, Kaldur was fairly certain that Aquaman had to be the first Atlantean to ever even go into space. And, yes, while Kaldur himself had dreamed of earning the right amount of respect from Aquaman to travel up into space himself (so that he could see the Justice League watch tower) it was not as though he had anticipated it happening so soon.

Yet, here he was, standing on the deck of a space station and letting Kid Flash talking him into putting on a suit and going outside. Kaldur stared out into that great expanse of darkness for a moment longer before turning back to Kid Flash who was standing and looking ready to go. Kaldur sighed and took the space helmet from him, "All right my friend. I'll join you outside." He knew it probably wasn't the best idea, but he also knew that leaving Kid Flash to his own devices would spell trouble for everyone. It was best to just go along with him because at least if Kaldur was out there with Kid Flash he could help him stay out of trouble...or so he hoped.

Riff sample:
"I see you have a fascination for pirates, espeally fair-haired captains."Laughter still obvious in his voice.

Kaldur: *as woman* Not as fascinated as I am with aliens, but go on.

“I do not!" She stood up quickly and faced him, her face turning pink. "It was given to me before I got on the ship by my brother."

She grabbed up the book and threw it at him. He raised his arm and knocked it away from him. He grabbed her arm and pulled her close. Wrapping his other arm around her waist. “You have a problem, if you think I could like a pirate!"

Kaldur: *eyebrow raise* He is seeming less like a pirate and more like an octopus at the moment.

"Perhaps I could make you change your mind, my dear. I am sure I could change your mind about a lot of things. His eyes danced with devilment as he latched his gaze onto her lips. She struggled against him, but couldn't get loose.

Kaldur: I have studied most surface world customs but I am afraid I do not remember the custom of putting ones gaze to the lips of another. Is that considered affectionate?

"You devil! You are too ugly for me." Her voice going high, as she had trouble breathing.

"Am I now?" His voice soft. "That's not what the women tell me."

Kaldur: It would be hard to tell you with your eyes pressed to their mouths, I'm afraid.

"Then they need glasses!"

What do you think, sirs? He tried to kill me with a forklift


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