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Time Line of Far
July 4
- Pearl Harbor battle alongside Aquaman against Killer Frost
- Invited into the Hall of Justice, Speedy leaves the group
- Agrees to go along with Kid Flash and Robin on the Cadmus fire investigation
- Fights Guardian and Cadmus's bred monsters
- Discovers Project Kr aka Superman clone
- Captured and nearly cloned himself
- Convinces Superboy to help them escape
- Fight and Destory the building 8D
July 8
- Young Justice League Formed, headquarters in cave - covert operations
- Meets Miss Martian
July 17
- Assists Speedy/Red Arrow on a mission/fight in an attempt to recruit
July 18
- Tour Mountain facility
- Takes a flight in Bioship
- Fights Mister Twister, loses
- Fight re-do, wins with Megan's help
July 22
- Santa Prisca Mission Assigned - recon mission
- Is nominated leader, tells Robin he will take the position for now but believes Robin is destined to lead
August 3
- Plays air hockey/loses to Wally
- Black Canary shows up for training session (acting, never reacting)
- Road Trip! Transporting android parts [Team w/ Megan and Wally]
- Parts are stolen by ROBOT MONKEYS, can't find them in time and sends Wally ahead
August 8
- Hit the beach! Includes volleyball and burying Supes in the sand
- Meets Artemis
- Mission to protect science lady and stop fog
August 19
- Combat training: Aqualad vs Supes
- Mission to find Nelson/Dr. Fate
- Infiltrate tower, nearly get roasted thanks to Wally
August 27
- Fighting Clayface, bad loss
- Kaldur not performing, can't decided between life on land or at sea
- Arrives at Poseidonis: sees Aquaman/King, Topo, Garth, Tula, Queen
- Dinner w/ the King & family, Aquaman expresses concern over Aqualad
- Aqualad discovers Tula/Garth relationship
- Attack on the city, Aqualad fights Black Mantis
September 3
- Decision made--he will remain Aqualad
September 4
- Beallia Desert Mission, passed out for most of it
- Sent there by Bats to investigate strange energy, ended up being mind wiped for last 6 months
- Needed medical attention for being without water for so long
September 7
- Roy asks for assistance with Cheshire
- Kaldur finds out there may be a mole on his team.

[x] water weapons: mace, giant hammer, swords, shield, whips, bullets/blasts, stream/blast, water slide 8D
[x] makes a water elevator
[x] greater than normal strength
[x] electric shocks powered through tattoos (will often use his water in conjunction to add more power to the shock)
[x] Knows mythology
[x] Webbed hands, barefeet, dense skin
[x] largely immune to poison (jellyfish toxin)
[x] drive a motorcycle
[x] susebtable to extreme heat
[x] studied for a year at Conservatory of Sorcery in Atlantis; created skin icons that power water bearers

Personality Traits [in a nutshell]
big brother type, respectful, responsible, can be slow to anger, likes to have a plan, calm cool and collected


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