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Nov. 29th, 2016 11:27 pm
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Dragon Statistics
Dragon Egg: A black and aqua swirled egg that is roughly the size of an ostrich egg. The shell is leathery, much like a sea-turtle's would be.
Dragon Color: Mostly Dark Blue, lightens to blue-green in some areas. Wings/Fins are burnt orange
Dragon Eye Type: Two reptilian eyes, Silver-Blue
Dragon Size: Large (2.5 m); Long/Slender like a serpent -- muscular
Wings Y: 4 - The first set is larger and located on the upper part of her body. This set closely resembles bat-wings, though perhaps more fin-like due to her aquatic nature. The second set is further back and smaller but has the same appearance. They fold tight to the body to allow for maneuverability in the water (they are strong enough to serve as "flippers" or for her to walk on them -- kinda like a wveryn might). The wings are leathery but translucent and capable of flight.
Number of Legs: 2 - She has two "legs" but they are more like flippers or fins than true legs. If she's on land they fold close to allow for her to slip across the ground like a snake, if she is in he water they help with swimming.
Skin Type: Leathery; thicker scales on her belly and under her neck for protection.
Dragon Diet: She enjoys fish or vegetables. Chicken is acceptable in a pinch, but only if there is absolutely NOTHING else to eat. She cannot stand red meat.
Magic Element: Ice [1 - Shield]
Main Dragon Personality Traits: Cautious,Quiet, Stubborn, Observant
Friendly to Other Dragons? Introvert dragon -- she'll take awhile to warm up to others.
Friendly to Characters other than its Scion? see above.
Other: Senda will be an excellent dragon for riding in the water/sky once she is full grown, do not try to ride on the ground. Kaldur's dragon has strong sea-dragon features. She is long and could almost be mistaken for a giant snake if not for the four pairs of wings and her pair of flippers. Her body tapers off to a thin tail that resembles a fin as it flairs out with the same translucent skin as her wings. She also has a frill around her neck that can flare out and make her look bigger. The dragon does not have legs, so she makes up for it with a massive jaw and large fangs. Her coloring is mainly dark blue that lightens to a blue-green in some areas, while her translucent wings and fins are a bright orange. She has a single, white, jagged horn that juts from the middle of her forehead.
Link to a sketch/picture of your Dragon if any (optional): COMING SOON?
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