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Name: Erica
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Munhead/Musebox: ---

Name: Kaldur'ahm "Kaldur" Hyde
Canon: Young Justice
Age: 16
Demigod/Hunter/Satyr/Nymph: Magician, Path of Sobek
Reference Document
Demigod abilities: As a magician on the path of Sobek, he can summon an avatar to fight. He is exceptionally skilled at hand-to-hand and prefers to use a khopesh (which he is also quite skilled in). His strength lies in manipulating and casting Water-based magic. He is not as adept at turning into a crocodile, but he can at least charm them, and has learned how to at least last a long time under the water, practically able to breathe underwater to some extent.

Kaldur has a natural ability to take command and lead. While he prefers to let others take this position (ie Carter) as he can find being the role of leader burdensome at times, he hardly complains about it aloud when it is put on him (especially when Carter has to step out for other duties as Pharaoh). Instead he completes the duties assigned to him while doing the best he can to look out for his friends, usually putting his own needs and desires last. This sense of service, but also his own drive to seek power is what has led Kaldur to choose the path of Sobek.

To most, Kaldur is very much the big brother type. He will lend an ear when needed, but also tries to teach those around him about respect and how to be a stronger unit. He is a very responsible individual and is often the first to suggest they report something to Carter or the other Nomes, especially when he thinks his own Nome is over their heads. He is also slow to anger which helps when dealing with the bickering and sometimes immaturity of the rest of his team (especially Sadie). Despite his soft-spoken voice he has a strong presence and all of this helps him in his job as the leader.

Kaldur can be a typical teenager at times. He can be impulsive, as seen in his decision to join the Brooklyn house and "betray" the other Nomes. Despite his stoic appearance, Kaldur does know how relax and enjoy himself, but his responsibility always comes first. He has a good relationship with his teammates and puts a lot of his trust in them. He can empathize with others to a certain degree, which often puts him in the role of mediator. Kaldur is extremely respectful to everyone, whether they are older or younger than him. He always looks for insight from his fellow teammates but knows when a decision needs to be made that it comes down to him to make it.

He can also be a rather private person. So, while he has not expressly shared his hopes and dreams with his teammates, a few of them can be inferred from the interactions he has had. For starters, Kaldur hopes that he can live up to the burden of being leader for this new team of magicians. Not only does he wish his team to do well and work together, but he also wants to impress his mentors, and especially his Pharaoh. Not only does he have high expectations for himself, but Kaldur has high hopes for his team as well. He knows they have the potential to do great things, and they have, but sometimes it can be troublesome getting there since all of them are still new at this.

Another dream of Kaldur's, but which might no longer be a dream, is to be with Tula. Tula was a fellow classmate of his as the First Nome along with Garth. The three of them learned the magical arts together, however when Kaldur left to join the Brooklyn Nome, he did so without telling the other two where he was going for fear of endangering them. This caused him to spend less time with Tula and, as such, Tula grew closer to Garth instead. Recently Kaldur considered returning to his home just to be with Tula again and to resume his studies, however instead he found out that Garth and Tula were now dating. Despite his usual demeanor, it is not too hard to believe that Kaldur still carries some feelings for Tula and might even still dream of her as the one for him. However, as Garth is his friend too, he would never think to try and come between Garth and Tula. So, for now, Kaldur has put his dream of love aside. Whether said dream will return in the future is anyone's guess, but his major goal right now is just to master the path of Sobek and be a good leader among the Egyptians.

AU History:
Born in Hawaii to an African-immigrant mother and military father (Sha'lain'a and Calvin Durham Hyde), Kaldur was never going to have a normal life, but even more so when his mother was a practicing Egyptian magician in charge of the nome in Hawaii. While he was raised around this magic and in a disciplined house-hold to boot, his father would not be in the picture long. His parents divorced at a young age and Kaldur was soon sent off to study magic in Egypt, as was expected of initiates then. Given his own mother's skills, it was unsurprising to those there that he would excel in his magical studies. Though he did not have his mother's charm making skills, he did show an affinity for elemental magic. He made friends with many of the initiates and eventually was able to transfer back to his mother's nome when his initial training was complete.

Things were as normal for a magician as they could be until the Christmas of 2011. Living in Hawaii, Kaldur missed out on the problems occurring in Brooklyn and Hawaii but he couldn't help but to be intrigued by the rumors circulating the nomes about the Kanes. His mother and friends quickly wrote the Kans off as heretics trying to throw the world into Chaos, but Kaldur held some curiosity towards them and their cause. After all, the name Kane was quite famous and he had enjoyed his talks with Amos when he had visited a few times. While he did not seek them out right away, the more he heard about them the more curious he grew.

It came to a head when he finally decided to sneak out and find the Kane's himself. Kaldur snuck away from the Hawaiian nome and his family and friends to find out exactly what the Kane's were all about. He found himself at the Brooklyn house and was readily accepted into their ways. He immediately took up a position as teacher among them since he had enough of the basic training to help the new initiates. His calm demeanor and leadership ability was welcome among them and Kaldur found himself enjoying their company more as the days passed. It wasn't long before he was drawn into finding his own path following Sobek, the god of water and crocodiles as Kaldur had an affinity for the element himself.

Unfortunately, he was not there long before the Battle of Apophis took place. Kaldur faught valiantly to protect the Brooklyn house and defend his comrades. After the battle with Aphosis he decided he needed to return home for a bit to make amends with his friends and family. Things were patched between himself and his mother, however he came back only to discover Garth and Tula were dating. Tula was someone he had long ago developed a crush on during their studies, but he had lost his chance when he left to follow the path of the gods. Kaldur tried to stick around Hawaii for awhile, but things just weren't the same and he felt like his heart was no longer there as a place to call home.

It seemed timely, then, that Carter would call on Kaldur after encountering a crazy Sobek-powered alligator. Kaldur used this as an excuse to return to Carter's side. He moved back to Cairo, coming full circle and hoping to help Carter directly, especially with Sadie moving to Camp Halfblood. However, as more and more Chaos sprang among the various nomes and attacks continued, Carter requested that Kaldur attend to the Camp instead. Especially since it seemed so few Egyptians were actually making it to the Greek-base. Kaldur, always one to take his orders seriously, left immediately.

Counselor: N/A

Iris Message:
[Kaldur studied the rainbow before him for awhile before actually speaking. He seems extremely fascinated by it, not confused as one might expect from a new face, just fascinated.]

It is truly amazing what you demigods have here. It is hard to imagine that a goddess would take the time to broadcast your calls each time you deem to contact one another. And yet, here we are.

[Right, you probably don't want to hear him babbling about how fascinated you are by the rainbow. Kaldur leans back, smiling slightly and he bows his head.]

Greetings. My name is Kaldur'ahm Hyde, but you may call me Kaldur for short. Carter Kane has sent me to aid in cross-pantheon relations at camp here as he felt that there were still too few Egyptian magicians deciding to come to your camp and assist. I do not yet know what I may specifically do to help, but I hope that you all will help guide me as I settle in here.

[He rubs at his neck.]

I suppose if there are further questions for me, I can answer them as you ask. Thank you again for your hospitality and for taking care of Sadie and Tybalt. Carter and I both appreciate it and are happy to see the camp has survived them this long.

[The last part is a joke, Kaldur can do that sometimes.]
Third Person Log:
If he thought uniting the nomes under Carter's rule was difficult, Kaldur had clearly not prepared himself for what uniting four different pantheons would entail. Kaldur sat at the lake's edge with his feet in the water. It was not quite the ocean, but it was as close as he could come to it at the moment and the lapping of the waves helped him to think. This place was a camp for children of the gods and yet was now housing actual gods (the Norse) and the magicians of Egypt. It was no wonder that tensions had been high, aside from the Norse all the other three pantheons had suffered conflict in the past. Kaldur knew better than most that the Egyptians were slow to change their ways and accept new ideas. He wondered how they were going to react to this camp. He also couldn't help but to worry about how he was going to help bring his people together into all of this. They did not have a lot of support here and the only ones he could turn to at the moment were Sadie and Tybalt. It wasn't that he didn't trust them, it was just difficult to imagine them being able to keep things going diplomatically for much longer. Which, honestly, was probably why Carter had sent him.

He snorted at that last thought. Sadie and Tybalt had done just fine on their own so far. He would just have to let the pantheons come together on their own time and not try to force matters. If they could work through it slowly and build relationships, then there would be a wonderful thing going here sooner or later. He had faith in the Kanes, after all.

Kaldur stretched and rose from the edge of the lake. Perhaps a swim would clear his mind further. He had heard that there were several different types of mythological creatures beneath the surface and he was curious to encounter them. Kaldur waded out into the water and then slipped beneath the waves. Yes, a swim was indeed just the thing to help him focus. At least down here he would not run the chance of encountering others unless they, too, could breathe underwater.
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