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Orange Text for Sedna

Text Color for Skippy

Name: Sedna
Title: "The Jagged Monster"
Stage: Rookie
Attribute: Virus
Type: Aquatic Mammal
Digivolves From: Bukamon
Digivolves To: Seadramon
Crest: Tenacity (Received: 07.02.13)
Aggressive and a very abrasive personality. Unlike other Gizamon who may be timid on land, Gizamon is not going to back down and wants to show off so that people won't see her as weak. She does not mind shoving her nose into other's business and always has an opinion to share with others. She's fond of fried food and snacks, but not much for sweets. Gizamon is super loyal to Kaldur and will often jump to his defense when she believes he has been insulted and deserves more respect. Her attacks are just as ferocious as her words and she is not afraid to stab you with the spikes on her back.
Spiral Edge Water Cure
Frog Kick Swing Swing
Light Tackle Mini Blade
Frothier Spit Water Shot

Name: Scipio "Skippy"
Title: "The Kendo Gauntlet Monster"
Stage: Rookie
Attribute: Data
Type: Reptile
Digivolves From: Kapurimon
Digivolves To: Yasyamon
Quiet and studious. He sounds like a little kid and despite trying to be serious like Leader Kaldur, he often acts like it. He defers to Sedna a lot of the time and she DOES always insist that she was here first. Kotemon is rather polite if he respects you, but he can turn into a bit of a brat if he thinks you're mean or stupid. He is very determined to be the best with his sword and wants to be stronger than Gizamon one day. However, he has a long way to go since he can also be a bit of a clutz. He often takes things WAY too seriously.
Fire Men Thunder Kote
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